About Manifera Software Development Pte. Ltd.

About our company

  • We are a Singaporean software development company with an office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We have been growing rapidly over the last few years and are on course of continuing this growth. In this way we are able to help many more customers in a professional and flexible way with our team of experienced software developers.
  • We focus on providing high quality and cost-effective software development services (see Overview of our Services). Our services exist of developing applications and games from the requirements and design phase to the deployment of the application. And after the deployment we provide Service & Maintenance as well. We can provide these services as a fixed price project, based on time and material or as your Offshore Development Center (ODC).

  • Our developers have at least two years of relevant experience and are proficient in speaking and writing English. Furthermore they can advise you on graphical and technical solutions for you company’s project.
    We have dedicated graphical designers to create functional, beautiful and state of the art user interfaces for your products.
  • Our dedicated Quality and Test engineers validate the developed applications thoroughly in order to deliver high quality products for your company. This by means of structural testing methods and spending significant time on testing on real target devices.
  • The team has working experience with many European, North and South America and Asian countries. This experience is used for designing the right user interface and user experience for your application.
  • Manifera is managed by a Dutch Manager who has more than 20 years of experience in the IT. He has led many multidisciplinary and multi-site projects. He has developed a feel for different cultures through his work in many regions around the world.

Our vision

Our vision is to help your company being competitive in the local and world markets by developing software applications at best price, at high quality and according to the agreed plan.

Our services are provided in an environment based upon trust and mutual respect.

Our offices in Singapore and Vietnam

Manifera is a Singaporean software development company with a development office in Vietnam. The Singapore office is taking care of the business development and procurement activities. The design and development of the apps and web applications is done by our experienced team in Vietnam.

Singapore is a politically and economically stable country. Singapore is centrally located in South-East Asia and is one of the financial hubs of Asia. Singapore has a very good educational system with highly respected universities. For many international MNCs, Singapore is functioning as their Asian headquarters.

Vietnam is a strong upcoming country with a yearly economic growth in recent years between 4 and 7%. Vietnam has a population of about 90 million of which around 60% are under the age of 35 years. This is a very large group of young dynamic potential employees for the software industry. About 300,000 persons work in the IT sector. Around 80,000 of these are SW engineers. There are 400 universities and colleges in Vietnam with IT relevant studies. Large companies like HP, IBM and Intel have meanwhile established themselves in Vietnam.

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