Your own Offshore Development Center (ODC)
Flexible up/down scaling of experienced developers at best cost

Benefits of your own ODC team

Does your company have difficulties finding good developers?

We already have them in-house at best cost. We have web, mobile, business, Facebook and game app developers with at least 4 years of experience. Both for frontend and backend development.

Your company has a temporarily resource capacity problem?

We have experienced software developers who are flexible employable. Easy up- and downscaling of resources.

Need to quickly acquire certain knowledge and skills?

We have developers in house who are experienced in many (latest) technologies. Laravel, PHP, Ruby on Rails, FileMaker, ReactJS, AngularJS, MongoDB, MySQL, Magento, Android, iOS, React Native, Swift, ObjectiveC, Amazon Web Services.

You want to outsource software to Asia but are anxious about communication issues?

We have Dutch contact persons which will provide for smooth communications and a good understanding of cultural topics. The developers in Vietnam are all proficient English speakers.

Would you like to outsource development services for the long term?

We are always working to establish long term working relationships as this will provide a win-win situation for both parties. We provide various services, from graphical design, development, verification & validation to service and maintenance. 

You want to reduce the development costs for your project(s)?

We provide experienced English speaking developers at lower hourly rates than in your local market available.

You want to focus more on your core software development?

We can provide you with experienced web, mobile and business application developers. Just a couple of our expertise's: Laravel, PHP, ReactJS, iOS, Android, React Native, Ruby on Rails, AWS.

You want to reduce the risk of being fully dependant on your Offshore Development Center (ODC) team when we are just starting to work together?

Why not start working together step by step? We could start with developing a small application or even a single module within your complete system. These smaller steps will give you confidence and trust in how we work and in our deliveries.

What we can do for you

  • Setup a dedicated development team for your company, based on your requirements and skill set. In case we do not already have developers on board who match your requirements, we will find the right persons for you through our extensive network. And off course the development environment (IDEs, tools, etc.) will also be set up according to your requirements.
  • We are experienced with the following technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Laravel, FileMaker, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, SQlite,  MongoDB, AngularJS, ReactJS, Wordpress, Magento, Amazon Web Service, .Net, Java, CodeIgniter, iOS, Android, React Native, Phonegap, Cocos2D, Object-C, Swift.
  • Your offshore IT team or Offshore Development Center (ODC) can consist of only one person or as many as per your needsAll of your team members are used to work according to the Agile Scrum method and are also experienced with the waterfall development method.
  • Flexible up- and down scaling of software developers for your team is possible. Furthermore we are keeping track of the hours worked by your team in a detailed manor and provide reporting on a monthly basis.
  • Your Offshore Development Center (ODC) development team can consist of web, mobile and/or business application software developers (frontend and backend). Or your team might be a verification & validation team or a Service & Maintenance team. No matter which type you are looking for, we will find the engineers with the right skill sets for you!
  • Due to our efficiency and our geographical location, your Offshore Development Center team will operate at low cost. Our software developers are very experienced and are well adverse in English speaking and writing. Furthermore, we are a loyal and flexible team, pursuing long term relationships.

Some of the technologies we are used working with

PHP HTML CSS JQuery MongoDB Laravel MySQL AngularJS Wordpress Magento Amazon DotNet Java CodeIgniter ReactJS, React Native FileMaker Ruby on Rails Apple Android PhoneGap CoCos2d Objective-C Swift Eclipse Xcode SQLite

Forms of Engagement

The form of engagement can also grow step-wise as we are growing our relationship over time, for example like this:

  • Start off with a (small) development project based on fixed price. As to explore working with each other.
  • Monthly Vouchers: we work a fixed number of development hours per month for your project(s). Like 40, 80 or 100 hours per month.
  • Assign software developer(s) full time to your project(s).

Other options can be discussed.

Our way of working

The following steps are normally run through to setup your Offshore Development Center (ODC) software development team:
Identify your Offshore Development Center (ODC) team
Setup the Offshore Development Center team at Manifera’s office
Your Offshore Development Center team working for your projects
More details on the above mentioned steps:
Identify your Offshore Development Center (ODC) team
  • Align with you on your requirements for the development team as per your needs.
  • Propose the resumes of our developers who match your requirements
  • In case you have specific needs for which we currently do not have the right developer available, we will search for the developer with the required skills using our extensive network.
Setup the Offshore Development Center team at Manifera’s office
  • If the software developers have been identified for your Offshore Development Center, the team will be set up.
  • Also the development environment like PCs/MACs, IDEs, tools, etc. will be set up according to your requirements.
  • As a good practice and if appreciated by you, one of your ODC’s team members can work onsite at your office for a certain period. This to get to know your team members, way of working and other specifics. Once the team member is back at our office, he/she will transfer the gained knowledge to the other IT offshore team members.
    This will provide a good basis for a long term and trustworthy relationship between your ODC team members and your current team.
Your Offshore Development Center team working for your projects
  • You or your project team will assign the tasks to your ODC team at our office. There are various ways of working together between your home office and your ODC team. Which one to choose is based on your projects' situation and your ideas. For example:

    a. The ODC team members work on a project closely together with your home office team. 
    b. The ODC team members work independent on a complete project for your company.

  • You or your project team will receive the Offshore Development Center’s team deliverable's and validate/accept these.
  • The above steps will be run through iteratively.
Other important points
  • We are using the Agile Scrum framework as a guide for our development process. We are also familiar with the Waterfall model.
  • Your ODC team at Manifera will use the same tools as are being used in your company, e.g. tools for version control (GitHub, BitBucket, SVC, etc.) and IDEs (Visual Studio, NetBeans, xCode, Eclipse, etc.), etc.
  • On a regular basis the time sheets indicating the number of hours worked for your projects will be shared with you. This will keep the effort as spent by your ODC team members transparent for you.
  • We use BaseCamp as a project management tool to keep track of activities, to do lists and discussions. As indicated earlier, we can also use the same tools as you are using.
  • For issues and change requests tracking Jira is being used. We are also using Jira for our time tracking and reporting. As indicated earlier, we can also use the same tools as per your requirements.
  • For communication, apart from the normal phone and email communication, we like to make use of Skype and Google Hangouts. Also here we are flexible and can use the same tool as your company is using.

We would like to hear from you, please give us a call or fill in the contact form!

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